This course encompasses the operation of and testing for the successful operation of electrical equipment like motors, variable-speed drives, transformers and so on.

The main reason behind commissioning and testing electric systems is to increase the strength, reliability and consistency of electrical power systems after the connection, by identifying any issues and providing a set of reference values for comparison with consequently scheduled tests.

Several types of testing, measuring and evaluating instruments are used to ensure that the electrical equipment is accurately functional. Fundamental aspects of electric equipment such as design, operating features, specifications, selection conditions, advanced fault detection methods, critical components as well as all maintenance issues are covered in detail.

What will the ‘Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System: Testing, Commissioning, Inspection, Preventive Maintenance and Repair’ program focus on? This course will cover the following areas:

  • Reasons for re-commissioning Tests
  • Commissioning Planning, Process and Procedures
  • Testing Procedures
  • Commissioning / Maintenance Tests
  • Start-up or First Energisation
  • Safety Aspect of Commissioning



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