Arvin Nik Co Company was founded in 2015 based on the knowledge of experienced engineers aiming to provide technical and engineeringservices in the oil , gas and energy sectors. Arvin Nik Co is an engineering , consulting and trading company active in the field of oil , gas and energy,petrochemical & refineries as well as mining andsteel industries.This company , as a specialized and leading company in supplying equipment to various industries , considers itself eligible to provide engineering services and consulting , and acts as a connection point between worldwide known andprominent manufacturers and the customers in anintegrated and continuous manner. Supply of equipment for specialized and vital keyturn projects in the oil,gas , petrochemical andsteel and mining industries is our priority. Arvin's location and dedicated teams in several countries around the world (Iran, UAE and China)have led us to establish a secure, fast, integrated , strong , and stable supply chain for service delivery. The following is an introduction and description of the products that can be supplied and a summaryof the projects performed and implemented by this company.


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8th Narenjestan

Farmanieh, Tehran, Iran

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